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Past Questions and Answers

SS2 First Term Clothing And Textile Past Questions And Answers

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SS2 First Term Clothing And Textile Past Questions And Answers


20 SS2 First Term Clothing and Textile questions with options and answers:


Question: What is the primary purpose of clothing?


A. Fashion statement

B. Protection

C. Social status

D. Comfort

Answer: B. Protection

Question: Which natural fiber is derived from the flax plant?


A. Cotton

B. Wool

C. Silk

D. Linen

Answer: D. Linen

Question: What is the process of joining fabric edges with stitches called?


A. Weaving

B. Embroidery

C. Seaming

D. Patchwork

Answer: C. Seaming

Question: What is the function of a zipper in clothing?


A. Decoration

B. Closure

C. Elasticity

D. Ventilation

Answer: B. Closure

Question: Which sewing tool is used to measure and mark straight lines on fabric?


A. Scissors

B. Tape measure

C. Seam ripper

D. Pins

Answer: B. Tape measure

Question: What is the purpose of a clothing pattern?


A. Decoration

B. Measurement

C. Cutting guide

D. Ironing

Answer: C. Cutting guide

Question: Which type of fabric is known for its elasticity and stretchiness?


A. Satin

B. Denim

C. Spandex

D. Chiffon

Answer: C. Spandex

Question: What is the main function of a thimble in sewing?


A. Cutting fabric

B. Measuring fabric

C. Protecting fingers

D. Stitching buttons

Answer: C. Protecting fingers

Question: Which term refers to the decorative stitching on the edges of fabric to prevent unraveling?


A. Hemming

B. Piping

C. Overlocking

D. Appliqué

Answer: C. Overlocking

Question: What is the purpose of a bias tape in clothing construction?


A. Decorative trim

B. Hemming

C. Reinforcement

D. Pockets

Answer: A. Decorative trim

Question: Which type of clothing fastener is commonly used for formal shirts?


A. Buttons

B. Zippers

C. Hook and eye

D. Velcro

Answer: A. Buttons

Question: What is the primary function of interfacing in garment construction?


A. Provide warmth

B. Add stiffness

C. Create gathers

D. Enhance color

Answer: B. Add stiffness

Question: What is the purpose of a dressmaker’s dummy or mannequin in sewing?


A. Store clothing

B. Display finished garments

C. Measure body proportions

D. Cut fabric

Answer: C. Measure body proportions

Question: What is the term for the process of securing fabric pieces together temporarily before permanent stitching?


A. Tacking

B. Appliqué

C. Smocking

D. Quilting

Answer: A. Tacking

Question: Which fabric dyeing technique involves tying fabric to create patterns before dyeing?


A. Batik

B. Tie-dye

C. Shibori

D. Block printing

Answer: B. Tie-dye

Question: What is the purpose of a seam ripper in sewing?


A. Cut fabric

B. Remove stitches

C. Attach buttons

D. Measure fabric

Answer: B. Remove stitches

Question: Which type of fabric is made from the fibers of the flax plant?


A. Cotton

B. Linen

C. Wool

D. Silk

Answer: B. Linen

Question: In clothing sizes, what does the term “petite” typically refer to?


A. Tall

B. Short

C. Plus-size

D. Slim fit

Answer: B. Short

Question: What is the purpose of a dart in clothing construction?


A. Add decorative elements

B. Create gathers

C. Provide ventilation

D. Shape the garment

Answer: D. Shape the garment

Question: Which type of fabric is commonly used for making sportswear due to its moisture-wicking properties?


A. Cotton

B. Nylon

C. Polyester

D. Bamboo

Answer: C. Polyester.

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