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Past Questions and Answers

NABTEB Biology Past Questions And Answers (Objective and Theory)

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NABTEB Biology Past Questions And Answers (Objective and Theory)


Biology questions suitable for NABTEB:


Section A: NABTEB Biology Objectives Questions


Question: What is the primary function of the Golgi apparatus in a cell?


A) Protein synthesis

B) Lipid storage

C) Packaging and modification of proteins

D) Cellular respiration

Answer: C) Packaging and modification of proteins

Question: Which organelle is responsible for detoxifying harmful substances in the liver cells?


A) Endoplasmic reticulum

B) Lysosome

C) Peroxisome

D) Golgi apparatus

Answer: C) Peroxisome

Question: What is the role of auxins in plant growth?


A) Inhibition of cell elongation

B) Promotion of cell elongation

C) Stimulation of leaf senescence

D) Initiation of flower development

Answer: B) Promotion of cell elongation

Question: In which ecosystem would you expect to find extremophiles?


A) Rainforest

B) Desert

C) Tundra

D) Grassland

Answer: B) Desert

Question: What is the function of white blood cells in the immune system?


A) Oxygen transport

B) Antibody production

C) Blood clotting

D) Nutrient absorption

Answer: B) Antibody production


Section B: NABTEB Biology Theory Questions


Question: Explain the process of mitosis, highlighting its significance in growth and repair of tissues.


Answer: (Your detailed response)

Question: Discuss the adaptations of xerophytes to their environment, providing examples.


Answer: (Your detailed response)

Question: Describe the process of nitrogen cycle in soil, emphasizing the role of bacteria.


Answer: (Your detailed response)

Question: Elaborate on the functions of the respiratory system in humans, including gas exchange and respiratory disorders.


Answer: (Your detailed response)

Question: Analyze the impact of human activities on water pollution, and suggest preventive measures.


Answer: (Your detailed response).

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