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Past Questions and Answers

WAEC HPE Past Questions And Answers (Objective and Theory)

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WAEC HPE Past Questions And Answers (Objective and Theory)


Section A: Health and Physical Education (HPE) – Objective Questions


Question: What is the primary benefit of regular cardiovascular exercise?


A) Improved flexibility

B) Increased muscle strength

C) Enhanced respiratory function

D) Higher bone density

Answer: C) Enhanced respiratory function

Question: In a soccer match, a player receives a yellow card for what offense?


A) Offside

B) Dangerous play

C) Dissent

D) Handball

Answer: C) Dissent

Question: Which nutrient is essential for muscle repair and growth?


A) Carbohydrates

B) Protein

C) Vitamins

D) Fats

Answer: B) Protein

Question: What is the recommended duration for moderate-intensity aerobic exercise per week?


A) 30 minutes

B) 60 minutes

C) 90 minutes

D) 120 minutes

Answer: B) 60 minutes

Question: During weight training, what is the purpose of a warm-up set?


A) Build muscle endurance

B) Increase heart rate

C) Prepare muscles for heavier loads

D) Improve flexibility

Answer: C) Prepare muscles for heavier loads

Question: Which of the following is a team sport?


A) Swimming

B) Tennis

C) Volleyball

D) Gymnastics

Answer: C) Volleyball

Question: What is the main component of the FITT principle?


A) Frequency

B) Intensity

C) Time

D) All of the above

Answer: D) All of the above

Question: In a 100-meter sprint, which energy system is predominantly used?



B) Anaerobic glycolysis

C) Aerobic

D) Krebs cycle

Answer: A) ATP-PC

Question: Which skill-related fitness component is crucial for a basketball player’s agility?


A) Speed

B) Power

C) Coordination

D) Balance

Answer: C) Coordination

Question: What is the primary function of the respiratory system during exercise?


A) Oxygen intake

B) Blood circulation

C) Nutrient absorption

D) Waste elimination

Answer: A) Oxygen intake


Section B: Health and Physical Education (HPE) – Theory Questions


Question: Explain the importance of warm-up exercises before engaging in intense physical activities.


Answer: Warm-up exercises increase blood flow, enhance flexibility, and prepare muscles for strenuous activities, reducing the risk of injuries.

Question: Define the concept of sportsmanship and provide examples of how it can be demonstrated in different sports.


Answer: Sportsmanship involves fair play, respect, and ethical behavior in sports. Examples include shaking hands after a game and accepting defeat graciously.

Question: Discuss the role of hydration in optimizing physical performance during exercise.


Answer: Hydration is crucial for maintaining fluid balance, regulating body temperature, and sustaining energy levels during exercise, preventing dehydration-related issues.

Question: Outline the potential health benefits of regular participation in recreational activities.


Answer: Regular recreational activities contribute to improved cardiovascular health, stress reduction, enhanced mental well-being, and better overall physical fitness.

Question: Explain the concept of body composition and its significance in the context of health and fitness.


Answer: Body composition refers to the proportion of fat and non-fat mass in the body. It is vital for assessing overall health, as excessive fat may pose health risks, while maintaining lean mass is important for optimal functioning.

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