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Past Questions and Answers

WAEC CRK Past Questions And Answers (Objective and Theory)

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WAEC CRK Past Questions And Answers (Objective and Theory)


Section A: Multiple Choice Questions


Who is considered the central figure in Christianity?


A) Moses

B) Jesus Christ

C) Buddha

D) Muhammad

Answer: B) Jesus Christ

What is the holy book of Christianity?


A) Torah

B) Bible

C) Quran

D) Tripitaka

Answer: B) Bible

Which event is celebrated on Easter Sunday?


A) Jesus’ birth

B) Last Supper

C) Resurrection of Jesus

D) Crucifixion

Answer: C) Resurrection of Jesus

Who is known as the first man according to the Bible?


A) Adam

B) Noah

C) Abraham

D) David

Answer: A) Adam

What sacrament involves the blessing of bread and wine in Christianity?


A) Baptism

B) Eucharist

C) Confirmation

D) Penance

Answer: B) Eucharist

Which apostle is known as the “doubter” due to his initial disbelief in Jesus’ resurrection?


A) Peter

B) Andrew

C) Thomas

D) James

Answer: C) Thomas

In which city was Jesus born according to the New Testament?


A) Jerusalem

B) Nazareth

C) Bethlehem

D) Capernaum

Answer: C) Bethlehem

Who wrote the majority of the New Testament letters (epistles)?


A) Peter

B) Paul

C) James

D) John

Answer: B) Paul

What is the first book of the New Testament?


A) Acts

B) Matthew

C) Mark

D) Romans

Answer: B) Matthew

Which Christian denomination is known for its emphasis on adult baptism?


A) Catholicism

B) Eastern Orthodoxy

C) Anglicanism

D) Baptists

Answer: D) Baptists

What event marks the beginning of the Christian liturgical year?


A) Pentecost

B) Advent

C) Lent

D) Epiphany

Answer: B) Advent

Which Old Testament figure is recognized as the father of the Israelites?


A) Abraham

B) Moses

C) Jacob

D) David

Answer: A) Abraham

What is the central Christian belief expressed in the Nicene Creed?


A) Virgin birth

B) Trinity

C) Original sin

D) Transubstantiation

Answer: B) Trinity

Which Gospel is often considered the synoptic Gospel?


A) Matthew

B) Mark

C) Luke

D) John

Answer: C) Luke


Which Christian holiday commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles?


A) Christmas

B) Pentecost

C) Ascension Day

D) Good Friday

Answer: B) Pentecost

What is the term for the study of end times and the ultimate destiny of humanity?


A) Ecclesiology

B) Soteriology

C) Eschatology

D) Christology

Answer: C) Eschatology

Who is traditionally regarded as the first pope of the Roman Catholic Church?


A) Peter

B) Paul

C) John

D) Clement

Answer: A) Peter

What is the Christian concept of forgiveness of sins through Christ’s sacrifice called?


A) Redemption

B) Atonement

C) Justification

D) Sanctification

Answer: B) Atonement

Which Christian denomination is known for its emphasis on the priesthood of all believers?


A) Lutheranism

B) Presbyterianism

C) Anglicanism

D) Quakers

Answer: D) Quakers


Section B: Theory Questions


Explain the significance of the Sermon on the Mount in Christian teachings.


Answer: The Sermon on the Mount, found in the Gospel of Matthew, contains essential teachings of Jesus, including the Beatitudes and moral instructions, outlining the ethical principles central to Christian life.

Discuss the concept of Trinity in Christianity.


Answer: The Trinity is the Christian belief in one God existing in three persons—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It reflects the complex nature of God and is a foundational doctrine in Christian theology.

Examine the role of Paul in the spread of Christianity.


Answer: Paul, formerly Saul, was an influential apostle and missionary. His letters, found in the New Testament, played a crucial role in shaping Christian theology and spreading the faith across different regions.

Describe the Christian sacrament of Baptism and its significance.


Answer: Baptism is a ritual symbolizing initiation into the Christian community. It involves the application of water, representing purification and rebirth, signifying the acceptance of the Christian faith.

Elaborate on the Christian perspective on the end times and the concept of judgment.


Answer: Christians believe in eschatology, focusing on the ultimate destiny of humanity. The end times involve the return of Christ, resurrection, judgment, and the establishment of God’s kingdom, reflecting themes found in the Bible, particularly in Revelation.

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