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Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

SS3 Second Term Tourism Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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SS3 Second Term Tourism Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


Second Term: Tourism Education – SS3


Week 1: Review of Previous Term

Lesson Note:


Recap key concepts from the first term.

Discuss any lingering questions or uncertainties.

Activities: Group discussion on the most memorable lesson from the previous term.

Scheme of Work:


Review of First Term Concepts

Week 2: Tourism Policy and Planning

Lesson Note:


Explore the importance of tourism policies.

Discuss the role of planning in sustainable tourism development.

Activities: Analyze a country’s tourism policy and present findings.

Scheme of Work:


Tourism Policies

Sustainable Tourism Planning

Week 3: Transportation in Tourism

Lesson Note:


Examine the significance of transportation in the tourism industry.

Discuss various modes of transportation for tourists.

Activities: Plan a hypothetical travel itinerary considering transportation options.

Scheme of Work:


Significance of Transportation

Modes of Transportation in Tourism

Week 4: Accommodation and Hospitality

Lesson Note:


Study the role of accommodation in the tourism experience.

Discuss hospitality standards and customer service.

Activities: Role-play scenarios to practice excellent customer service.

Scheme of Work:


Accommodation in Tourism

Hospitality Standards

Week 5: Tourism Security and Safety

Lesson Note:


Discuss the importance of security and safety in tourism.

Explore strategies to ensure a secure tourism environment.

Activities: Group project on creating a tourism safety plan.

Scheme of Work:


Importance of Security and Safety

Strategies for Tourism Safety

Week 6: Event Management in Tourism

Lesson Note:


Examine the role of events in promoting tourism.

Discuss planning and execution of successful tourism events.

Activities: Plan a hypothetical tourism-related event.

Scheme of Work:


Events in Tourism

Planning and Execution

Week 7: Tourism Entrepreneurship

Lesson Note:


Explore opportunities for entrepreneurship in the tourism sector.

Discuss the challenges and rewards of starting a tourism-related business.

Activities: Develop a business plan for a tourism venture.

Scheme of Work:


Opportunities in Tourism Entrepreneurship

Challenges and Rewards

Week 8: Cultural Exchange Programs

Lesson Note:


Discuss the benefits of cultural exchange programs in tourism.

Explore examples of successful cultural exchange initiatives.

Activities: Organize a cultural exchange event within the class.

Scheme of Work:


Benefits of Cultural Exchange Programs

Successful Initiatives

Week 9: Tourism and Globalization

Lesson Note:


Analyze the impact of globalization on the tourism industry.

Discuss cultural implications and challenges.

Activities: Debates on the positive and negative aspects of globalization in tourism.

Scheme of Work:


Impact of Globalization on Tourism

Cultural Implications and Challenges

Week 10: Responsible Tourism

Lesson Note:


Discuss the concept of responsible tourism.

Explore ways to minimize negative impacts on destinations.

Activities: Group discussion on responsible tourism practices.

Scheme of Work:


Concept of Responsible Tourism

Minimizing Negative Impacts

Week 11: Revision Week


Week 12: Examination Week


Week 13: School Dismissal Week



Reflect on the second term’s learning.

Final thoughts on the importance of tourism education.

Wishing students success in their future endeavors.

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