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Past Questions and Answers

SS3 First Term IRS Past Questions And Answers

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SS3 First Term IRS Past Questions And Answers


Question: What is the significance of the Ten Commandments in Christianity?


A) Moral guidelines

B) Historical events

C) Scientific principles

D) Artistic expressions

Answer: A) Moral guidelines

Question: In Islam, what is the pilgrimage to Mecca called?


A) Umrah

B) Eid

C) Hajj

D) Zakat

Answer: C) Hajj

Question: What is the primary purpose of fasting during Ramadan in Islam?


A) Demonstrating discipline

B) Celebrating victory

C) Gaining knowledge

D) Performing miracles

Answer: A) Demonstrating discipline

Question: In Hinduism, which scripture contains a conversation between Prince Arjuna and Lord Krishna?


A) Vedas

B) Upanishads

C) Bhagavad Gita

D) Ramayana

Answer: C) Bhagavad Gita

Question: What is the holy book of Sikhism?


A) Guru Granth Sahib

B) Vedas

C) Bible

D) Quran

Answer: A) Guru Granth Sahib

Question: According to Buddhism, what is the path to the cessation of suffering?


A) Eightfold Path

B) Four Noble Truths

C) Ten Commandments

D) Five Pillars

Answer: A) Eightfold Path

Question: Which figure is central to Christianity, believed to be the son of God and the savior of humanity?


A) Moses

B) Buddha

C) Jesus Christ

D) Muhammad

Answer: C) Jesus Christ

Question: What is the holy month of fasting in Judaism?


A) Hanukkah

B) Yom Kippur

C) Rosh Hashanah

D) Passover

Answer: D) Passover

Question: In Hinduism, who is the god of creation?


A) Shiva

B) Vishnu

C) Brahma

D) Ganesh

Answer: C) Brahma

Question: What is the primary focus of Jainism’s Five Great Vows?


A) Non-violence

B) Wealth accumulation

C) Physical strength

D) Political power

Answer: A) Non-violence

Question: Which sacred text is foundational to the understanding of Confucianism?


A) Dao De Jing

B) The Analects

C) Dhammapada

D) Tao Te Ching

Answer: B) The Analects

Question: In Sikhism, what is the term for the community kitchen where free meals are served to all?


A) Gurdwara

B) Langar

C) Mandir

D) Gurukul

Answer: B) Langar

Question: Which event marks the beginning of the Islamic calendar?


A) Hijra

B) Hajj

C) Eid

D) Ramadan

Answer: A) Hijra

Question: In Buddhism, what does Nirvana represent?


A) Endless suffering

B) Enlightenment and liberation

C) Material wealth

D) Rituals and ceremonies

Answer: B) Enlightenment and liberation

Question: What is the primary focus of the Shinto religion?


A) Nature worship

B) Monotheism

C) Ascetic practices

D) Ritual sacrifices

Answer: A) Nature worship

Question: According to Judaism, what is the day of rest and worship?


A) Yom Kippur

B) Sabbath

C) Passover

D) Hanukkah

Answer: B) Sabbath

Question: Which Sikh Guru is considered the founder of the Sikh warrior community, the Khalsa?


A) Guru Nanak

B) Guru Angad

C) Guru Gobind Singh

D) Guru Tegh Bahadur

Answer: C) Guru Gobind Singh

Question: What is the term for the Islamic declaration of faith?


A) Shahada

B) Zakat

C) Sawm

D) Hajj

Answer: A) Shahada

Question: In Hinduism, which god is known as the preserver of the universe?


A) Shiva

B) Vishnu

C) Brahma

D) Lakshmi

Answer: B) Vishnu

Question: Which sacred text contains the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad in Islam?


A) Torah

B) Bible

C) Quran

D) Hadith

Answer: C) Quran.

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