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Past Questions and Answers

SS3 First Term Auto Mechanic Past Questions And Answers

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SS3 First Term Auto Mechanic Past Questions And Answers


Question: What is the purpose of an automotive radiator?


A) Ignition control

B) Engine cooling

C) Fuel injection

D) Exhaust filtration

Answer: B) Engine cooling

Question: Which component is responsible for converting mechanical energy into electrical energy in a vehicle?


A) Alternator

B) Starter motor

C) Ignition coil

D) Distributor

Answer: A) Alternator

Question: What does ABS stand for in automotive technology?


A) Anti-Brake System

B) Automatic Brake System

C) Advanced Braking System

D) Anti-Lock Braking System

Answer: D) Anti-Lock Braking System

Question: In an internal combustion engine, what is the function of the camshaft?


A) Control air intake

B) Regulate fuel injection

C) Open and close valves

D) Generate spark

Answer: C) Open and close valves

Question: Which type of transmission uses a fluid coupling to transmit power?


A) Manual transmission

B) Automatic transmission

C) Semi-automatic transmission

D) Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

Answer: B) Automatic transmission

Question: What does the term “torque” refer to in the context of automotive mechanics?


A) Force applied to brakes

B) Engine speed

C) Turning force

D) Electrical resistance

Answer: C) Turning force

Question: Which part of the car suspension system absorbs shocks and vibrations?


A) Strut

B) Sway bar

C) Shock absorber

D) Control arm

Answer: C) Shock absorber

Question: What is the purpose of the catalytic converter in a vehicle?


A) Increase engine power

B) Reduce exhaust emissions

C) Improve fuel efficiency

D) Enhance suspension

Answer: B) Reduce exhaust emissions

Question: What component is responsible for regulating the air-fuel mixture in the engine?


A) Throttle body

B) Mass air flow sensor

C) Fuel injector

D) Oxygen sensor

Answer: A) Throttle body

Question: In a car’s braking system, what role does the master cylinder play?


A) Control brake pedal pressure

B) Generate braking force

C) Distribute brake fluid

D) Activate ABS

Answer: A) Control brake pedal pressure

Question: What is the purpose of the timing belt in an internal combustion engine?


A) Control fuel injection

B) Synchronize engine components

C) Generate electrical power

D) Adjust suspension height

Answer: B) Synchronize engine components

Question: Which type of engine relies on the combustion of air and fuel in a confined space to generate power?


A) Electric engine

B) Diesel engine

C) Rotary engine

D) Hybrid engine

Answer: B) Diesel engine

Question: What does the term “transmission fluid” primarily function as in an automatic transmission system?


A) Coolant

B) Lubricant

C) Brake fluid

D) Fuel additive

Answer: B) Lubricant

Question: In a power steering system, what component assists in turning the vehicle by amplifying the driver’s steering input?


A) Steering column

B) Rack and pinion

C) Power steering pump

D) Tie rod

Answer: C) Power steering pump

Question: Which type of brake system uses calipers to squeeze brake pads against a disc to generate stopping force?


A) Drum brake

B) Hydraulic brake

C) Disc brake

D) Parking brake

Answer: C) Disc brake

Question: What is the primary function of the differential in a vehicle’s drivetrain?


A) Regulate engine temperature

B) Distribute power to wheels

C) Control suspension height

D) Filter exhaust gases

Answer: B) Distribute power to wheels

Question: Which device is commonly used to measure the rotational speed of the engine?


A) Tachometer

B) Odometer

C) Speedometer

D) Fuel gauge

Answer: A) Tachometer

Question: What does the acronym HVAC stand for in automotive terms?


A) Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

B) High Voltage Alternating Current

C) Hydraulic Valve Assembly Control

D) Hybrid Vehicle Acceleration Control

Answer: A) Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

Question: Which system is responsible for igniting the air-fuel mixture in the engine cylinders?


A) Ignition system

B) Fuel injection system

C) Exhaust system

D) Cooling system

Answer: A) Ignition system

Question: What safety feature is designed to inflate rapidly during a collision to protect the occupants of a vehicle?


A) Air conditioning

B) Airbag

C) Antilock brakes

D) Acceleration sensor

Answer: B) Airbag.

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