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Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

SS2 Second Term IRS/IRK Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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SS2 Second Term IRS/IRK Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


Week 1: Introduction to Prophets in Islam


Lesson Note:

Commence the second term by delving into the lives and teachings of various prophets in Islam. Emphasize their roles as messengers of Allah.


Scheme of Work:


Day 1: Overview of Prophethood in Islam.

Day 2: Prophet Adam (AS) – Creation and story.

Day 3: Prophet Ibrahim (AS) – His life and significance.

Day 4: Lessons from the lives of early prophets.

Week 2-4: Islamic History: The Caliphate


Lesson Note:

Explore the historical context of the Caliphate and its impact on Islam’s development.


Scheme of Work:


Day 1: Introduction to the Rashidun Caliphs.

Day 2: Life and contributions of Abu Bakr (RA).

Day 3: Umar ibn al-Khattab (RA) – Leadership and achievements.

Day 4: Uthman ibn Affan (RA) and Ali ibn Abi Talib (RA) – Their roles and legacies.

Week 5-8: Islamic Civilization and Science


Lesson Note:

Discuss the contributions of Islamic civilization to science, literature, and arts during its golden age.


Scheme of Work:


Day 1: The Golden Age of Islamic Civilization.

Day 2: Islamic scholars and their contributions to science.

Day 3: Islamic art and architecture.

Day 4: Literature and poetry in the Islamic world.

Week 9-10: Islamic Law (Sharia) and Contemporary Issues


Lesson Note:

Examine the principles of Sharia and discuss their application in modern contexts.


Scheme of Work:


Day 1: Understanding Sharia – its sources and principles.

Day 2: Application of Islamic law in daily life.

Day 3: Addressing contemporary ethical dilemmas.

Day 4: Balancing tradition and modernity in Islamic societies.

Week 11: Revision Week




Review key concepts from the second term.

Conduct group discussions and quizzes.

Clarify any doubts or questions.

Week 12: Examination Week




Administer exams based on the topics covered in the second term.

Ensure a conducive environment for students during exams.

Week 13: School Dismissal Week




Provide feedback on exams.

Recap the highlights of the term.

Distribute any necessary materials for the upcoming term.

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