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Past Questions and Answers

SS2 First Term Metal Work Past Questions And Answers

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SS2 First Term Metal Work Past Questions And Answers


Question: What is the primary purpose of annealing in metalwork?


A) Hardening

B) Softening

C) Strengthening

D) Alloying

Answer: B) Softening

Question: Which metal is commonly used for casting in metalwork?


A) Aluminum

B) Copper

C) Zinc

D) Iron

Answer: A) Aluminum

Question: What tool is used for cutting metal in a straight line?


A) Hacksaw

B) Chisel

C) File

D) Hammer

Answer: A) Hacksaw

Question: What is the function of flux in soldering?


A) Increase hardness

B) Remove impurities

C) Add color

D) Provide electrical conductivity

Answer: B) Remove impurities

Question: Which process involves heating metal to a high temperature and then cooling it slowly to relieve internal stresses?


A) Forging

B) Quenching

C) Tempering

D) Normalizing

Answer: D) Normalizing

Question: What is the purpose of a tap in metal threading?


A) Enlarge holes

B) Create internal threads

C) Smooth surfaces

D) Cut external threads

Answer: B) Create internal threads

Question: In metalwork, what is the purpose of a center punch?


A) Marking points for drilling

B) Cutting curves

C) Polishing surfaces

D) Measuring lengths

Answer: A) Marking points for drilling

Question: Which alloy is composed of copper and zinc?


A) Brass

B) Bronze

C) Pewter

D) Stainless steel

Answer: A) Brass

Question: What safety equipment is essential when welding?


A) Safety goggles

B) Leather gloves

C) Earplugs

D) Rubber boots

Answer: B) Leather gloves

Question: Which method is used for joining two metal pieces without melting them?


A) Welding

B) Soldering

C) Brazing

D) Casting

Answer: C) Brazing

Question: What is the purpose of a vise in metalwork?


A) Cutting metal sheets

B) Holding workpieces securely

C) Measuring angles

D) Polishing surfaces

Answer: B) Holding workpieces securely

Question: Which tool is commonly used for shaping metal by removing material?


A) File

B) Hammer

C) Chisel

D) Anvil

Answer: A) File

Question: What type of joint is formed by overlapping two metal pieces and then riveting them together?


A) Butt joint

B) Lap joint

C) T-joint

D) Corner joint

Answer: B) Lap joint

Question: Which metalwork process involves applying a protective layer to prevent corrosion?


A) Plating

B) Hardening

C) Annealing

D) Quenching

Answer: A) Plating

Question: What is the primary purpose of a cold chisel in metalwork?


A) Cutting hot metal

B) Removing rust

C) Cutting cold metal

D) Smoothing surfaces

Answer: C) Cutting cold metal

Question: Which term refers to the process of shaping metal by hammering or pressing?


A) Casting

B) Forging

C) Extrusion

D) Rolling

Answer: B) Forging

Question: What is the role of a mandrel in metalworking?


A) Marking measurements

B) Shaping tubes

C) Measuring angles

D) Polishing surfaces

Answer: B) Shaping tubes

Question: Which metalwork technique involves heating and cooling to alter the properties of metal without changing its shape?


A) Tempering

B) Quenching

C) Annealing

D) Forging

Answer: A) Tempering

Question: What is the primary purpose of a ball-peen hammer in metalwork?


A) Cutting

B) Shaping curves

C) Riveting

D) Grinding

Answer: C) Riveting

Question: In metal casting, what is the purpose of a sprue?


A) Remove impurities

B) Create a pattern

C) Pour molten metal

D) Polish the surface

Answer: C) Pour molten metal.

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