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Past Questions and Answers

SS1 Third Term Creative Arts Past Questions And Answers

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SS1 Third Term Creative Arts Past Questions And Answers


20 SS1 Third Term Creative Arts questions with options and answers:


Question: Who is known for the art movement called “Suprematism” characterized by geometric shapes and bold colors?


A) Wassily Kandinsky

B) Kazimir Malevich

C) Piet Mondrian

D) Salvador Dalí

Answer: B) Kazimir Malevich

Question: What is the primary focus of performance art?


A) Traditional storytelling

B) Visual aesthetics

C) Audience participation

D) Historical narratives

Answer: C) Audience participation

Question: Who composed the famous musical composition “The Four Seasons”?


A) Ludwig van Beethoven

B) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

C) Antonio Vivaldi

D) Johann Sebastian Bach

Answer: C) Antonio Vivaldi

Question: In literature, what is the term for a figure of speech that involves the use of contradictory words in a phrase?


A) Oxymoron

B) Simile

C) Metaphor

D) Hyperbole

Answer: A) Oxymoron

Question: Which dance style is characterized by its flowing movements and emphasis on emotional expression?


A) Ballet

B) Contemporary dance

C) Hip-hop

D) Jazz dance

Answer: B) Contemporary dance

Question: Who is known for the architectural design of the Guggenheim Museum in New York City?


A) Frank Gehry

B) Zaha Hadid

C) I.M. Pei

D) Le Corbusier

Answer: A) Frank Gehry

Question: What is the term for a literary work that ridicules or mocks its subject?


A) Satire

B) Sonnet

C) Epic

D) Ode

Answer: A) Satire

Question: Which musical genre originated in Jamaica and features a strong offbeat rhythm?


A) Jazz

B) Reggae

C) Blues

D) Country

Answer: B) Reggae

Question: Who is known for his contributions to the genre of surrealistic literature with works like “The Metamorphosis”?


A) Franz Kafka

B) Gabriel Garcia Marquez

C) J.D. Salinger

D) Virginia Woolf

Answer: A) Franz Kafka

Question: What is the term for a painting technique in which small, distinct dots of color are applied in patterns to form an image?


A) Pointillism

B) Impasto

C) Tenebrism

D) Fauvism

Answer: A) Pointillism

Question: Who is known for his contribution to the literary movement known as the Beat Generation with works like “On the Road”?


A) Allen Ginsberg

B) Jack Kerouac

C) William S. Burroughs

D) Neal Cassady

Answer: B) Jack Kerouac

Question: What is the term for a short, witty poem often expressing a single thought or observation?


A) Haiku

B) Limerick

C) Sonnet

D) Epic

Answer: B) Limerick

Question: Who is known for his contributions to the world of graphic novels with works like “Maus”?


A) Art Spiegelman

B) Frank Miller

C) Alan Moore

D) Marjane Satrapi

Answer: A) Art Spiegelman

Question: In theater, what is the term for a comedic play that involves mistaken identities and humorous situations?


A) Tragedy

B) Farce

C) Melodrama

D) Epic

Answer: B) Farce

Question: Which art movement emerged as a reaction against the strict rules of academic art and embraced spontaneity?


A) Realism

B) Romanticism

C) Impressionism

D) Expressionism

Answer: D) Expressionism

Question: Who is known for his contributions to the genre of science fiction literature with works like “Neuromancer”?


A) Isaac Asimov

B) Arthur C. Clarke

C) Philip K. Dick

D) William Gibson

Answer: D) William Gibson

Question: What is the term for a literary work that uses humor, irony, or exaggeration to criticize or mock people or society?


A) Satire

B) Parody

C) Tragedy

D) Allegory

Answer: A) Satire

Question: Who is a prominent figure in contemporary dance known for incorporating technology into performances?


A) Martha Graham

B) Merce Cunningham

C) Wayne McGregor

D) Pina Bausch

Answer: C) Wayne McGregor

Question: Which art movement focused on capturing the fleeting effects of light and atmosphere in outdoor scenes?


A) Cubism

B) Impressionism

C) Surrealism

D) Fauvism

Answer: B) Impressionism

Question: Who is a leading figure in the world of contemporary street art, known for his politically charged murals?


A) Banksy

B) Shepard Fairey


D) Invader

Answer: A) Banksy.

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