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Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

JSS3 Third Term IRK/IRS Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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JSS3 Third Term IRK/IRS Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


JSS3 Third Term Islamic Religious Studies Expedition


Week 1: Comparative Religion


Embark on the third term by exploring comparative religion. Lessons will provide an overview of major world religions, fostering understanding and respect. Group presentations, discussions, and a research project comparing Islamic beliefs with other faiths will be integral to the week.


Week 2: Contemporary Issues in Muslim Communities


Address contemporary challenges faced by Muslim communities globally during the second week. Lessons will cover topics such as Islamophobia, social justice, and human rights. Group discussions, case studies, and a creative awareness campaign project will empower students to engage with these issues.


Week 3: Islamic Governance and Politics


Week 3 delves into Islamic governance and politics, exploring historical and contemporary examples. Students will participate in a model government simulation, analyze case studies, and engage in a mock political debate.


Week 4: Ethics of War and Peace in Islam


Explore the ethical principles surrounding war and peace in Islam during the fourth week. Lessons will cover concepts such as just war, peacebuilding, and conflict resolution. Role-playing scenarios, debates, and a reflective essay assignment will deepen students’ understanding.


Week 5: Islamic Literature and Poetry


Week 5 celebrates Islamic literature and poetry. Students will explore classical and contemporary Islamic literature, engage in poetry recitation sessions, and create their poetry inspired by Islamic themes.


Week 6: Health and Wellness in Islam


Focus on holistic well-being during the sixth week. Lessons will cover Islamic perspectives on physical and mental health, healthy lifestyles, and the importance of balance. Students will participate in fitness activities, mindfulness sessions, and create awareness campaigns on health-related topics.


Week 7: Islamic Philanthropy and Social Welfare


Week 7 emphasizes Islamic philanthropy and social welfare. Students will explore the concept of Waqf, engage in community service projects, and organize a charity event to contribute positively to society.


Week 8: Islamic Architecture and Design


Explore the beauty of Islamic architecture and design during the eighth week. Lessons will cover historical Islamic buildings, geometric patterns, and their significance. Students will engage in architectural design projects and create visual displays showcasing Islamic art.


Week 9: Technology and Islam


Week 9 investigates the intersection of technology and Islam. Lessons will cover ethical considerations, Islamic perspectives on technological advancements, and the role of technology in promoting Islamic values. Students will participate in a tech-themed project and engage in discussions on responsible tech usage.


Week 10: End-of-Term Review


Week 10 serves as an end-of-term review, allowing students to reflect on key learnings, revisit challenging topics, and prepare for the upcoming assessments through group discussions, review sessions, and practice exams.


Week 11: Examination Preparation


Prepare for the final assessments during the eleventh week. Students will engage in focused study sessions, practical demonstrations, and receive guidance on exam strategies to ensure readiness for the upcoming exams.


Week 12: Final Examinations


Week 12 marks the final examinations for the third term, evaluating students’ understanding through written exams, oral assessments, and practical demonstrations.


Week 13: Graduation and Farewell


Conclude the academic year with a graduation ceremony, recognizing achievements, and bidding farewell to students as they transition to the next academic level. The week will be filled with celebratory events, awards, and heartfelt farewells.

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