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Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

JSS1 Second Term Creative Arts Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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JSS1 Second Term Creative Arts Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


JSS1 Second Term Creative Arts Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


Week 1-3: Exploring Traditional Arts


Lesson Note:


Introduce students to traditional art forms from various cultures.

Explore the significance of cultural expression through art.

Engage in hands-on activities like traditional craft making.

Scheme of Work:


Visual Arts: Traditional art patterns and designs.

Music: Exploring traditional musical instruments and rhythms.

Drama: Incorporating traditional stories into dramatic performances.

Week 4-6: Cultural Fusion in Creative Arts


Lesson Note:


Discuss the influence of different cultures on contemporary art.

Encourage students to create art that reflects a blend of traditional and modern elements.

Explore how music and drama can fuse cultural influences.

Scheme of Work:


Visual Arts: Creating mixed-media art with traditional and modern elements.

Music: Composing music that blends traditional and contemporary styles.

Drama: Scripting and performing plays that showcase cultural fusion.

Week 7-9: Performing Arts – Dance and Movement


Lesson Note:


Introduce students to the expressive power of dance and movement.

Explore various dance styles and their cultural origins.

Encourage students to create their own dance routines.

Scheme of Work:


Visual Arts: Exploring the depiction of dance in visual art.

Music: Incorporating rhythm and beats inspired by dance into compositions.

Drama: Creating short dramatic performances that involve dance elements.

Week 10: Creative Arts Exhibition Preparation


Lesson Note:


Guide students in preparing for a creative arts exhibition.

Discuss the importance of presentation and storytelling in showcasing their work.

Revisit key concepts from the term.

Scheme of Work:


Visual Arts: Finalizing and refining art pieces for exhibition.

Music: Rehearsing musical performances for the exhibition.

Drama: Polishing dramatic presentations for the exhibition.

Week 11: Creative Arts Exhibition


Lesson Note:


Facilitate the creative arts exhibition, allowing students to showcase their work.

Encourage peer-to-peer discussions and reflections on the exhibited pieces.

Discuss the importance of artistic expression and cultural understanding.

Scheme of Work:


Visual Arts: Presenting artwork and explaining the inspiration behind each piece.

Music: Performing musical compositions for the audience.

Drama: Staging dramatic performances for the exhibition.

Week 12: Reflection and Evaluation


Lesson Note:


Reflect on the successes and challenges of the term.

Encourage students to evaluate their growth and development in creative arts.

Discuss future possibilities for artistic exploration.

Scheme of Work:


Visual Arts: Reflecting on personal artistic achievements and setting goals.

Music: Sharing reflections on musical experiences throughout the term.

Drama: Evaluating individual and group achievements in dramatic performances.

Week 13: End-of-Term Celebration


Lesson Note:


Celebrate the culmination of the creative arts journey for the term.

Engage in collaborative and creative activities as a way to wrap up the term.

Share positive feedback and encourage a continued passion for the arts.

Scheme of Work:


Visual Arts: Collaborative art project to celebrate the end of the term.

Music: Group musical performance or jam session.

Drama: Fun and interactive drama games to conclude the term.

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